Who is most important?

Ask yourself, “Who is most important?”  Are you going to say, “my children?” or “my family?”  Take a moment and think about it honestly.  You cannot give what you do not have.

The importance of re-filling yourself

As Ashtar tells us so often, “To receive unconditional love, you must first give unconditional love.”  That means that even as you give it is essential to re-fill yourself along the way.  Have you ever had an emotional outburst at someone you love totally?  They probably were not even the reason you were melting-down.  Emotional stress drains us.  If we do not re-fill, recharge,  sooner or later, the melt-down happens.  Remember to re-fill yourself.

Who is most important?

Of course our loved ones are most important to us.  We love to give, to love, to support.  Once again, we cannot give, love or support anyone if we are running on empty.

This is a perfect example of balance.  We must maintain balance in our lives.  If you have ever heard Ashtar speak you know the first recommendation he gives is for us to meditate.  Meditation is an ideal way of re-filling ourselves.  The truth is that because we are all part of The Universe we can never truly be empty, but sometimes it feels like we are!  Meditation is like telling those we care about, “I love you so much I must maintain my connection with The Universe.”

The most beautiful car on the road is nothing more than an expensive paperweight if it doesn’t have fuel.  Think of meditation as your fuel.

This weeks Intention

Now that the New Year is underway and your have your intention for 2023, it is time to look into Self Love.  This month each intention will revolve around Self Love with a specific aspect.  Ashtar and I are delighted to present the first in this series of Self Love, “Self Love through Kindness.  We know you will enjoy it.

Many Blessings of Universal Love,

Terrie 🙂