With a sad/happy smile

My fall 2018 tour of Japan is now complete.   I am boarding a flight to Hawaii for a few days of simply living, but my smile is both sad and happy.  I am sad to leave behind so many wonderful people who have shared their love with me these past three months, yet I am happy they have filled my heart with love.  Emotions can be so complicated!  I know that as I dream I will be dreaming of the many wonderful locations I visited, the thousands of people who allowed Ashtar and me into their lives, and that will bring many  happy smiles.    Thank you Japan, for opening your hearts to us, and to yourselves.

I am attaching some last minute photos of the two ladies who have been beside me every step of this most excellent journey; Yukari Kojima of Studio Kara and Yuka Okawa Reinhart, The bag ladies are on the road again!  Wherever your journeys take you, go as a light of love.  Enjoy the friendships, enjoy the scenery, and enjoy the sweet treats of life.

I will be back to Japan in November and early December for a winter tour, I hope to see you along the way.

Many blessings of Universal Love,

Terrie 🙂