Witness our life

With all the spiritual work we do, do we take time to actually witness our life?

The farmer

The farmer in the field planted their crops in the spring.  We did the same within our lives.  Now, the summer is here.  Unlike the farmer we don’t usually have the perspective of seeing the shoots come out of the ground, reaching for the sky.  Even through we are the farmer in our lives, we don’t see the growth.  So much of what we do is internal.  I know this can be frustrating.  Sometimes we don’t think our work is paying off, but it is.

Expand your activities

One of the subtle changes we may be able to witness is in what things interest us.  This is a great time for introspection.  This week in his Intention, Ashtar encourages us to look within.  In fact, all through the month of July Ashtar will be speaking on topics surrounding growth and expansion.

This is a wonderful time to pause and consider; what is it you want to be.  As your spiritual path deepens the things you thought were important shift and change.  The seeds of possibility have begun to grow.  Take some time to witness how your life has changed.  What possibilities have become can-do’s.  Become the observer and witness your life.

You are a light worker

When we witness our life the work we are doing becomes visible.

Enjoy the video!

Many Blessings of Universal Love,