World Peace

Visualize World Peace, know it is underway right now.

Moving into 2024

Yes, somehow we made it into 2024, and what a wonderful 2023 it was.  At least I hope you can look back and see that on the whole, 2023 was a good year for you.

You know, the idea of good and bad is truly only a perspective.  The Universe is constantly providing us with opportunities to expand ourselves.  Oftentimes these opportunities may seem “good” or seem “bad”, but we have a limited view.  Those things which seem bad may indeed revel themselves to be not only good, but so much more.  Our world is a world of duality so knowing how to label things is an inexact process.  Truly, the only thing we can honestly say is; this and such happened.

Ashtar’s New Year Message

If you have been watching your feeds you will know Ashtar’s New Year Message for 2024 is now live and ready for your viewing.  As always, if you missed its publication you can always catch up to it on You Tube.

Ashtar promises us a wonderful year filled with possibilities.  This is the Year of the Dragon and it is also a year of eight, or infinity.  He tells us this combination is supercharged for us to expand and enjoy life.  It will be a year for Spiritual Expansion as well.  I invite you to watch for yourself what Ashtar has to say.  Maybe even watch it more than once!

Living to the fullest

World Peace is just one of the things we can join together in intending.  Each and every desire you have, each and every intention you have begins within.  When we realize the power to create rests within each of us, nothing is beyond possibility.  Just as long as we realize it is not we who do the creation, rather the Universe which creates, a full life is at our fingertips.

A new beginning

Yes, this is the beginning of 2024, but here in Southern California I look out my window and see new life sprouting everywhere I look.  I give thanks for the abundance of nature in all its forms.  Whatever your view is from your window, know the progress of the Universe, and by extension, you, is always forward.

Many Blessing of Universal Love, and happy 2024.