Yokohama and Jiyugaoka, Japan

The past few days have gone by in kind of a blur. I have been in Yokohama, with the amazing Nishida san at Grand Rino as well as in Jiyugaoka at Angeli Salon with Mizue Shima. I say these days were a blur because we have been doing private sessions all day long for the past four days, enjoying some exotic Japanese cuisine, riding the train and just enjoying life.
At Grand Rino Nishida san rolled out the red carpet for Ashtar and I. The Crystal room was sparkling and so powerful. Each evening was a gourmet delight, and the people who came to see us were fantastic. The first few pictures below are of our time in Yokohama.
Then we switched location for a couple days to head over to Jiyugaoka and the beautiful Angeli Salon, which is run by Mizue Shima. Jiyugaoka is a vibrant stop along the JR rail line. It may be small, but the energy, sights, sounds and smells are huge. The adorable lady I am hugging in this photo is Mizue san, who always shows us a great time when we are in her town.
And, of course, food! This time I am sharing some images of street vendors and their wares. If you want to roughly calculate the prices for fresh vegetables, just move the decimal place to the left two places. Yes, that’s right, $40.00 for a cantaloupe.
Right now I am enjoying and excursion to some Shrines, and I can’t wait to share some the pictures I have from there.
Blessings of Universal Love,
Terrie 🙂