Your 2023 Intention

Your 2023 Intention from Ashtar is ready!

The New Year Message session

Last Wednesday evening an extraordinary group of people joined us live and on Zoom to enjoy hearing Ashtar as he told us about 2023.  If you were part of this session, thank you so much!  If you could not make it, put it on your calendar for the end of this year.

During his talk Ashtar shared his Twelve Steps of Ascension in a way he has never done before.  Everyone in the room and on Zoom was transfixed a  These steps of ascension played an important part as Ashtar discussed what is to come this year.  He spoke of maximizing your progress to step into a new dimension of life. Then he gave us your 2023 Intention.

The take-away

Of all the things Ashtar, the Ascended Master, shared about 2023 perhaps the most important thing was “To be yourself“.  That by itself could be Your 2023 Intention, but there was so much more.

The questions

Each of our participants had the opportunity to ask a personal question of Ashtar, and he did not disappoint.  If you have ever been at an Ashtar event where questions were asked, you may have discovered something amazing.  No matter who asked a question, no matter how personal the question was, it seemed to hold something for everyone.  This is one of the powerful aspects of being part of one of our group sessions.  We are all so connected that what helps one person helps every person.

My 2023 plans?

Ashtar and I will continue to offer weekly Intentions to help you live your life to the fullest.  We do hope you make it part of your week to check-in for a couple of minutes to hear what he has to say to you.  Personally, I am making arrangements to finally return to Japan once again.

Back in early 2000 my Spring tour was cut short by “The Event.”  Two years later we are picking up where we left off and I am so excited.  Even during my absence from the U.S. we will keep up our Intention series, so stay tuned.

A brief snippet

The video which follows is a brief snippet of what Ashtar had to say during the New Year Message and includes your 2023 Intention.  I truly hope you enjoy what The Ambassador of Love has to share.

Many Blessings of Universal Love,