Your important role

One of the things everyone who comes to an Ashtar session has in common is that they have a very important role on this planet.  As Ashtar explained in a session earlier this year, you are the leaders, you are the people others will follow toward an enlightened planet.  

When you understand this truth, it becomes evident why some people avoid you!  Those who live in fear, those who are frightened every day of their lives, those who embrace anger as a way of life know intuitively that you are calling them higher.  They do not want to go higher so being around you is a threat.  But it is important that you remain in your perfect place of love.  Sooner or later they will stop resisting your call upwards if you continue to recognize each and every one of them as love, just as you are.

This message in this video is just as perfect for today as it was when it was delivered originally by Ashtar.  In fact, if I had a Japanese language version of it I would use it during the Ashtar Realignment Program sessions I am doing in Osaka right now.  Ashtar and I will be bringing this program to America in January or February of 2019, so watch for my updates about where and when right here at

Enjoy this reminder from Ashtar.

Blessings of Universal Love,

Terrie 🙂