Acceptance is not the same thing as resignation.

Learning to look for the good

I fully understand that the idea of acceptance of what is happening around us might look like resignation, but think about it.  This Spiritual Principle encourages us to look beyond our limited human viewpoint and see things as they are.  As they are from the God view.

Yes, what seems to be terrible, things are happening all around us every day.  Yes, there are wars.  Certainly there is famine.  Abuse of all forms makes its way to our awareness.  If we remain in our human consciousness we wonder, why does God allow this to happen? Yet when we take a step backward and ask, “What is the good in this?” we see things from an entirely different perspective.


Ashtar tells me I have lived thousands of lives.  In fact it is common for any individual spirit to live about 2000 lives here on earth.  Some of mine have been as royalty.  In some of my lives I have been persecuted and killed.  This spirit of mine, even though it is forever linked with that of an Ascended Master, has been both rich and privileged , and poor and persecuted.  Why does God allow this to happen?  We are all on a journey.  A Journey to expand our Spiritual selves.

What we see as undesirable, The Universe sees as essential to our agreement for expansion and growth.

This does not absolve us.

To say that famine is alright because it helps advance a body of people on their spiritual journey does not absolve us from doing whatever we can to eliminate famine.  This journey, this agreement we have made coming into this life, could well involve working to eliminate famine.  Acceptance of injustice is not a get out of jail free card.  What it does is call to us to see that even in the most dire of situations there is a bright light.

If those who are enduring famine encourages us to look for alternatives and act upon them, both sides can find that bright light.

Thank you

Thank you to the sixteen beautiful people who joined us for Ashtar’s Valentines Day message session.  I am humbled by this call to hear Ashtar’s message; to learn and grow.  When we do our next event I truly hope you will be part of it.  Ashtar and I are available to take part in groups you create.  In fact, right now we are working with an organizer in Honolulu to bring Ashtar’s teachings to the Islands this summer.  What event would you like to create?  Give me a call and let’s see what we can come up with.

Many Blessings of Universal Love,