Arigato Gosaimas Japan

It is hard to believe that three months have passed so quickly, but here I am, saying goodbye again to my wonderful friends of Japan.  This has been an amazing tour.  The people who seek Ashtar’s counsel throughout this beautiful country leave with a little piece of my heart.  We have done hundreds of private sessions, dozens of workshops, and some truly incredible outdoor adventures. It would be impossible to select one of these days as being above any other; each has it’s own special brand of love attached.  I know I have learned and grown over the past 90 days.  It is my fondest hope that those who have spent time with us have also grown.

I am headed back to the US today but so much of my heart remains here in Japan my memory lingers with you.

Should your travels bring you to the States, perhaps you will join us in Sedona in February, or at any of the other Ashtar events we have planned there.

When I return in March I will bring with me new and expanded Ashtar messages, unparalleled experience opportunities and a thirst for this country which is truly like home to me.


To one and all, Thank You,

Blessings of Universal Love,

Terrie 🙂