Catalyst of Peace

How powerful are you?  You are the catalyst of peace.  That’s how powerful you are.

It all begins within

Everything begins with a thought.  Where do your thoughts go? Are your thoughts free to wander around un-checked?  That’s wonderful for day dreaming, but if you want to create something specific, intention is required.  When it comes to being part of creating a world at peace your intention is essential.  Your intention is the ignitor of creation.  That’s why Ashtar asked us to create this intention series.

Having a clear vision of what you want to see sets in motion power far beyond our earthly being.  You see, it is not we who create, it is the Universal Power which creates, we simply set it in motion.

Christmas Eve

As this video and blog are being released Christmas Eve is upon us.  No matter what you are doing tonight know that Christmas Eve is far more than a date on the calendar.  It is a spirit, an intention,  It is a time to rejuvenate the idea which has been repeated throughout history.  Before the Christians, before there was anyone to write it down.  Time and again humankind has set aside the Winter Solstice as the time to envision rebirth.

The shortest days are at an end.  Ahead of us is rebirth; a new way of thinking.  That is why December 24 is so important.  It is the eve of new possibilities.   An opportunity to look forward to the possibilities which lay ahead.  That means we can celebrate a new way of thinking, doing and being.  An excellent moment to make your intentions clear.


Celebrate the Christian holiday, celebrate the Winter Solstice, celebrate life and love.  Recognize that you are the Catalyst of Peace.  That your intention does make a difference.  We have a wonderful year ahead of us.  Ashtar will be releasing his New Year Message for 2024 in just a couple days to help us remember what a wonderful life we have.

Whatever you celebrate, however you celebrate, do it with my love and the love of the Ambassador of Love himself.

Many Blessings of Universal Love. and Merry Christmas.