Emotions are something that are very personal.

Working on your emotions

Right now I don’t think of anything more personal than what we feel inside.  What we feel inside is often displayed on the outside.  That’s what makes this topic so challenging; if we don’t have a handle on what is inside, how can we have a handle on what shows on the outside?

During the month of October, Ashtar is discussing harvesting.  His challenge to us this week is to harvest our emotions, review them, then decide if we are happy with our search.

Every emotion is real

Regardless of what anyone might tell you, every emotion is real.  They are the window into what we are truly feeling.  That’s where the work begins:  why are we feeling this or that?  Ideally we reach a point where when a trigger comes along we decide if we will allow the trigger to be pulled or the “button” to be pushed.  This is the work we learn as we follow the 12 steps of Ascension.

Throughout out lives we have allowed “buttons” to be installed in our minds.  Sometimes we can easily identify these buttons, sometimes identifying them is not so easy.  You cannot necessarily prevent buttons being installed, but we can certainly learn to cut the wires.

Training ourselves

The first step in training ourselves to diffuse these buttons or emotional triggers is to become aware that they exist.  If we follow Ashtar’s Intention this week; Harvest our Emotions, we can begin to look at them and decide if they work for us or against us.  Is there some trigger or button that repeatedly creates problems around us?   Once we become aware of them we can then take action.

Enjoy the video

I hope you enjoy this week’s video and that it gives you some tools to create a life you are happy about.

Many Blessings of Universal Love,