Hello Subscribers

Hello subscribers!  As we promised when you subscribed to my website, here is the first Ashtar video created exclusively for you.  I am so happy you have chosen to become a subscriber to my web site and I hope you will invite others to join.

These days it seems we cannot turn on any media without coming across some mention of conspiracy theories.  It is absolutely amazing to me that people would spend time trying to raise the fear level during a time when we already have enough with which to be concerned.  As Ashtar says in this video, most people are wonderful, it is just a few who seem to want to keep us on edge.

But you have a perfect tool to overcome anxiety or being mislead; discernment.  If something comes across your field of attention that makes you fearful, concerned or confused, do your research; especially if you are moved to share it with someone else.  Go to verified, knowledgeable sources, see what they are saying before you share anything with your friends.

I look forward to sharing with you more of these specially created videos with the wisdom of Ashtar.  Until then,

Many Blessings of Universal Love,