The Creator

Living the Spiritual Principle of Patience

So often Ashtar has told us; you are the creator. The Challenge for December In this, the third intention for December 2023 Ashtar is again reminding us how powerful we, as individuals are.  Sure, there are times when it feels like the whole world is coming down around our shoulders.  There are times it seems…

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To mask or to unmask

One of the biggest questions facing us today is to mask or to unmask.  Can we safely dine at our favorite restaurants or should we continue to stay home?  Like so many people I watch the news, listen to the radio and scan Social Media for clarity.  What I end up being is more confused!…

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Ashtar and his guidance

Learning acceptance is one of our challenges

Ashtar is always available to you with his loving guidance, did you realize that?  These past few months, with the Covid-19 issues, the American election coming up just trying to keep our sanity has put a great strain on many of us.  I hear you!  The truth is that sometimes I too find myself feeling…

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Hello Subscribers

Hello subscribers!  As we promised when you subscribed to my website, here is the first Ashtar video created exclusively for you.  I am so happy you have chosen to become a subscriber to my web site and I hope you will invite others to join. These days it seems we cannot turn on any media…

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Don't be afraid of fear

You know, everywhere I travel one topic is common to everyone Ashtar and I speak with; fear.  Fear keeps us from enjoying life.  Fear keeps us from finding a more rewarding career.  Fear even keeps us from enjoying the relationships we have right now. Ashtar recently spoke about fear in our lives, especially as it…

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