Living with Compassion

Living with Compassion is not the same as living in compassion

It’s the intent

So what’s the difference?  Well, if we are living in compassion it suggests being a passenger of sorts.  Whereas if we are Living with Compassion, it suggests a more active manner of association.  At least it does to me!

As we were recording this Spiritual Intention Ashtar made it a point to discuss the difference between a resolution and an intention.  With a resolution, the kind we sometimes make at New Year, if we break the streak the resolution goes in the dumpster.  Whereas if we make an intention, if we miss the mark, we can pick the intent again.  No harm, no foul.

I see this as an example of the difference between living with and living in.

Exciting news

The Ashtar Intention Series is now in its 16th month.  Along the way He has spoken of so many topics.  Each month has been devoted to a theme you can use specifically for that period.  Hopefully his guidance has helped you along the way.  Now He has decided to add a sub-category to the Intention Series: Spiritual Principles.

Each of the previous Intentions did, of course, embody at least one Spiritual Principle.  Now he will begin to go deeper into what Spiritual Principles exactly actually are.  This month he has promised us at least four Spiritual Principles.  I think this will let us be even more intentional as we walk our spiritual paths.

We would like to hear from you

If there is a Spiritual Principle you would like Ashtar to talk about please drop me a note at  So that your message will jump out to me please include something about Spiritual Principle in the subject line.  This work has always been a two-way street.  Ashtar and I would very much like to fully relevant in your life.  Please, feel free to give us your feedback and even questions.

The beginning of a new year

The Year of the Dragon is upon us.  It is also a year of Spiritual Development and infinity.  It is more than the turning of a page on a calendar, or trying to remember to write 2024 rather than 2023.  This passage on our timelines is the perfect opportunity to turn a page in your own personal development.  Ashtar and I wish you the most amazing year of advancements.  And yes, it’s the perfect time for Living with Compassion.

Many Blessings of Universal Love,