Mothers Day

Yes, Mothers Day is just around the corner.  In addition to being time to make sure you have a gift (if you are blessed to have your Mother with us) it is a great time to think about Love.

Unconditional Love

Of all the things Mother represents, love has to be the first.  And, it’s a special kind of love.  Mother’s love is unconditional.  As Ashtar points out in this week’s video, Mom may have had to teach you a thing or two along the way.  Sometimes the teaching may have felt harsh.  But the job of a Mother is to teach.

What seems harsh to us a children looks different as we begin to be responsible for a child.   We discover that these teachings sometimes hurt Mom more than the child.

Under it all

Under it all, the lessons we were given came from wanting us to be safe, happy and able deal with our world.  The lessons came from a place of Unconditional Love.  On Mothers Day we allow ourselves to overlook whatever shortcomings our Mothers may have had.  What remains is the memory that Unconditional Love was the motivation for her actions.

Not gender specific

Unconditional love is not gender specific   It is a goal we can set for ourselves in all our dealings.  I never got to travel the pathway of a Mother, still it is my goal to love unconditionally.   Fathers can love unconditionally.  Brothers, Uncles even friends can love unconditionally.

The message is clear

No matter who you are,  no matter where you are, love unconditionally. A special Happy Mothers Day to all!