Reach Out

It is time to reach out to those who will support you in allowing your Inner Child in play.

Labor Day

At the end of this week we will be celebrating Labor Day.  For some people this means the end of Summer, but it’s not really, the end of summer is September 23.  I like to think of Summer as more a state of mind than a date on a calendar.  Still, Labor Day is a great reason to gather people around you who also share your spirit of the Inner Child.  Play, celebrate, and enjoy life.

Inner Child

As I mentioned last week Brian and I were in Hawaii last week, enjoying our inner children.  We did the usual fun things; snorkeling, people watching, sunset cruises, but my Inner Child was really let out to play in a photo tour.  Not the usual Hawaii activity I admit, but talk about Inner Child!  We were with a small group of people moving from one spectacular location to the next finding new ways to capture the beauty on our cameras.

This gave us the opportunity to reach out with others.  We were sharing our images, taking photos of each other.  Our Inner Children were in full play mode as we explored.  It was a perfect example of what Ashtar spoke of in last weeks Intention to be adventurous, be safe, enjoy the bounty of our planet.  In fact the cover image this week is a photo we took on that tour.  What a wonderful day of play.

Reviewing Ashtar’s Intentions

If you missed last week’s intention, that one and all the other intentions are available anytime on my YouTube channel.  Pick a topic and look back through all the lessons Ashtar has offered during the past eleven months.  There are so many wonderful ideas and thoughts available to you anytime.

With Aloha

I send this, and all the Ashtar Intention Series to you with Aloha (Love) and a big, big Mahalo (Thanks) for watching.

Many Blessings of Universal Love,