Reflection is a wonderful thing, as long as we don’t get stuck there.

Looking forward

This week Ashtar’s Intention revolves around looking to our past then deciding how we want to shape our future.  This is a balanced approach to life.  We all know people who seem to live in the past.  Their stories are about how wonderful things were, how happy they were.  Honestly, do you want to spend a great deal of time with these people?

We are all on our path, and what that path looks like differs from person to person.  No path is more right than another.  We can only look to our own lives and make course corrections.  If you find you are spending more time looking backwards than looking forward, maybe you will find a balance as Ashtar offers his guidance this week in the attached video.

Throwing the switch

According to Ashtar, we all have a built-in switch that we throw when it’s time to move from play to focused direction.  As we step into the final weeks of summer for 2023 maybe you are having to find and throw that switch.  Be easy about it.  There is no reason we cannot keep the playfulness of summer and step into the fall at the same time.  In fact, keeping the playfulness was exactly what Ashtar was speaking about all through August in his Intentions.

Balance in life is a key to happiness.  Keep the playfulness of summer in your heart even if your physical body is called upon to become more focused.

Living life intentionally

When we recognize the the various roles we are called upon to play, we begin to live life intentionally.  We can certainly work hard, and we can certainly play just as hard.  Be intentional in what you do and you will never find yourself thinking you are at the mercy of other people.

Many Blessings of Universal Love,