The road to recovery

The road to recovery from the fears we have built up during the Covid-19 pandemic is open to you.

Unseen fears

All of us have developed protective actions during this pandemic.  Some of these have left us with positive re-actions, some not so positive.  Have you found yourself walking through a store and turning away from other shoppers?  This could be unseen fear, or it could be our personal guidance system working for us.

Becoming aware

The road to recovery includes listening to our inner guidance.  This guidance has been with us all along, it just took a major event to make us aware of it.  This is a good thing!  Fear, recognized or not, is not always our enemy.  Sometimes fear can be our friend.  When times are easy and carefree we do not call upon our built-in guidance.  But when we are faced with cause to protect ourselves, we become aware of this guidance once again.

We are powerful beings

Long before our society cloaked us in “protection” we relied upon intuition, “inner voices” and premonitions to keep us safe.  We did not have institutions to protect us.  Even though we have fallen asleep to those voices, premonitions and intuition,  they are still active within us.  We are connected to the entire Universe all the time.  This period of time has encouraged us to tap into them consciously once again. We are indeed powerful beings.


The key to successfully walking the road  to recovery is to learn to listen.  Listen to the guidance within us.  We must become more comfortable discerning baseless fears from authentic guidance from Ashtar and the other Ascended Masters.  They are always on hand to guide us for our highest good.  This is quite different from the fears that those who seek higher ratings and advertising money try to sell us. Discernment; this is the key to a happy life.

The blessing within

How often have we heard that every cloud has a silver lining?  I think this is one of the best examples of the silver lining in the cloud of Covid-19.  If having come through this experience has awakened our ability and willingness to look within ourselves, that is a silver lining.  A true blessing.

You’re going to be just fine

In this video Ashtar talks about the protective guidance that is part of our lives.  He urges us to re-connect with the love that is the basis of the Universe.  I hope you take a few moments and listen to what he has to say.

Many Blessing of Universal Love,