Slow down

It’s time to slow down.  Since the middle of September we have been on the fast track of time.  Halloween decorations went up then only to be quickly moved aside by Thanksgiving decorations.  No sooner did the Thanksgiving decorations begin to appear, Christmas decorations made their appearance.  Because of this we have been living three months of holidays at one time.

Self care

Ashtar has often reminded us that self care is essential to our happiness and others around us.  When we are burned-out we have nothing to give, no love to share.  We must remind ourselves that slowing down is not only for ourselves, but those around us as well.  Everyone has been experiencing the same collapse of time, and it is weighing on them too.  Have you considered that intentionally slowing down gives others permission to do the same?


Giving is one of the things we do so much of the time we don’t even realize how much energy we expend, joyfully, giving.  If ever there was a time to incorporate meditation into our lives, this is it.  Think of yourself as a light bulb.  When you are at full power you are bright, showing the way of love.  As your energy diminishes, so too does the brightness of your light.  The love is still there, most assuredly, just not reaching all the corners it might otherwise.

Slow down

As we allow ourselves to stop for even a minute of meditation each day that light bulb can remain bright, sharing love everywhere we go.  Love is what our planet needs most right now.  The earth we stand on, the people walking on that earth.  The animals, plants, in fact every sentient being depends upon the light of love.

You, my friend, are a distributor of love.  You are here to be love, see love, spread love.  All the other wonderful experiences we have are secondary to that mission.  People don’t remember what you fed them, gave them or told them.  What they do remember is how you made them feel.  Slow down.  Let the world feel your power of love.

Many Blessings of Universal Love,