Make intentions for a happy life

Each week for almost two years Ashtar has been offering us intentions.  The funny thing is, until now, we have not actually defined what they are. It’s all in the intent We frequently get intentions confused with affirmations.  They are not the same.  Let me give you an example:  I intend to make a reservation…

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Spiritual Principle Independence

The Spiritual Principle of Independence carries with it great responsibility

The Spiritual Principle of Independence.  With the 4th of July just around the corner what a perfect principle to examine. More than a word Independence is far more than word.  It is an idea, or an ideal if you wish.  You have free will at every turn.  Our independence allows us to utilize that free…

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Witness our life

With all the spiritual work we do, do we take time to actually witness our life? The farmer The farmer in the field planted their crops in the spring.  We did the same within our lives.  Now, the summer is here.  Unlike the farmer we don’t usually have the perspective of seeing the shoots come…

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Ohio loves Ashtar

Reverend Doctor Terrie Symons will be in Akron, Ohio Thursday July 20 through Sunday July 23 to bring the loving message of Ascended Master Ashtar to the mid west.  On Friday July 21 Lady Ashtar will be doing a limited number of private sessions, on Saturday it will be the All American Soap Box Derby…

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