The Creator

So often Ashtar has told us; you are the creator.

The Challenge for December

In this, the third intention for December 2023 Ashtar is again reminding us how powerful we, as individuals are.  Sure, there are times when it feels like the whole world is coming down around our shoulders.  There are times it seems we just cannot find our way out.  Rest assured, this is not the case.  These are momentary experiences.

I love the thought that when it seems nothing is going right, it is the Universe preparing us for our next level.  Just as there must be day to appreciate night, heat to appreciate the cool, so too does our confusion prepare us for clarity.  We live in a world of duality.  Another of Ashtar’s teachings.  This doesn’t mean our live is divided into fifty precent highs and fifty percent lows.  Sometimes a few moments of doubt, fear or anger is all it takes to remind us that we are in control of our experience.

You are the Creator

We place into consciousness what it is we wish to experience.  The Universe always says, “Yes.”  If we seek comfort often times we are granted discomfort so we can clarify in our own minds what comfort is.  You say you want patience?  Don’t be surprised if your gift is the opportunity to practice patience.

Through it all we are creating our life experience.  And through it all the surest way to our goal is through Love.

The unofficial intention for December

Earlier this month I suggested we can put our collective consciousness to work to achieve World Peace.  It’s easy to think the whole world is at war with each other, but this is not true.  Peace reigns over our planet in far more places than not.  By focusing upon our unofficial intention for December; to listen to each other,  we will have a lasting and important impact.

Yes, you are the Creator.  Create consciously.  As difficult as it can sometimes be, see the leaders around the world beginning to listen to each other.  See them listening to the hungry, to the unhoused.  See their ears and their hearts opening to creating a world that is peaceful and just for all its citizens.

This month Ashtar’s intention theme is Peace on Earth.  You, beautiful and powerful Creator, you hold the key.

Many Blessing of Universal Love,