Why, if there is a God, a Universal Presence which loves and supports us, is there war?

The eternal question

During my visit to the Temple of Apollo and Delphi last month Ashtar addressed the eternal question. The Temple of Delphi is an amazing structure.  Built by hand over 2300 years ago.  People came from everywhere in the known world to ask for Apollo’s blessings on their ventures and to seek the guidance of the Oracles.

As you know, I was one of the Oracles.  In my biography, “The Lady Ashtar Story” Ashtar speaks of this and many other of my past lives.  Or are they concurrent lives?  (a subject for another day!)  To pose their questions to the Oracles visitors would pay huge sums of money, gold and other objects of value.  In one of the videos posted on You Tube I am standing where The Treasury was located.

Kings, military leaders, Heads of State, wealthy merchants came to the Oracles to Divine the future for them.  Regardless of their status the most often asked question then, as today is, Why?

The answer to everything

The answer to the question, for them and for us is the same; Love.  Love is the answer to war,  pillaging, grief, conflict and daily life.

If this seems such a simple answer to such a complicated question, perhaps it is only because we insist  that the answer must be complicated.  If we love one another we would not wage war.  When we follow the tenants of Spiritual Leaders throughout history none of this would happen.

Learn to trust

If we lived our lives loving our neighbor or any variation of the “Golden Thread” we would not destroy other peoples’ lands, or our own.  When we learn to stand in the Truth, Wisdom and Knowledge of those who have come to teach us, peace would reign.


This series of videos we shot in Delphi, while not specifically built around a Spiritual Principle, still hold the Truth.  As you watch Ashtar speak in this week’s video perhaps you will agree with me our Intention for this week could be: “I search for the Golden Thread in all my actions.”

Many Blessing of Universal Love,